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Dooraeone Aloe Tea

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Dooraeone Aloe Tea is good for:

  • Recovering health
  • Improving the skin
  • Sweet and fresh Aloe flavour

Dooraeone Aloe Tea

Dooraeone Aloe Tea contains aloe that is known to help recover health and a good remedy for the skin. The aloe’s unique, sweet, and fresh flavor has been enjoyed by royal families since the era of ancient Egypt. Feel like an emperor with this aloe drink.



Mix 30g of the Honey Tea with 90ml hot or cold water in a cup. Stir well until dissolved.
Aloe vera 44.62% Honey 5% Fructosey 37.6% Citric Acid 0.6% Vitamin C 0.2% Flavor (Muscat Flavor) 0.1%

Dooraeone 芦荟茶 (1kg)

Dooraeone 芦荟茶含有真实新鲜芦荟有助于身体健康,同时改善肌肤状态。芦荟有着特别、微甜的口感,在古埃及被誉为皇室饮品,Dooraeone 芦荟茶能够让你从此款茶饮中体验到皇室的口感。