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Brand - LG

LG is a leading company in lifestyle and culture that helps customers realize their beauty and dreams. Sharing the core values of Healthy, Beautiful, and Refreshing with customers.
Brands that we carry under LG:
Dr. Groot

No.1 repurchase rate * Dr.Groot Hair Loss Symptom Intensive Care Shampoo
(For Powerless Hair)
Hair loss relief shampoo for powerless hair that strengthens hair elasticity from the roots

Hair healing therapy with natural oil. Therapy that captures the power of life in nature help the damaged hair turn into healthy, shiny and beautiful hair.

On The Body
Consisting of natural body wash that is full of the energy of super food and is healthy on the skin, perfume body wash that has a long lasting fragrance and moisture like perfume. Lastly, a home spa scrub body wash that contains precious spa ingredients from all over the world and gently exfoliates by taking a daily shower.

Products that can be used safely for babies, skin care that can be applied gently, fabric care such as detergent that can be used even for fibers that touch the baby's skin.


Perioe is the total care brand for Korean oral health which provide various efficacy with a wide range of products.

FiJi, a premium laundry detergent brand that removes even invisible fine dust and powerful penetrating washing of 7 types of stain removal power enzymes .

Korea's No. 1 laundry detergent brand (based on 2009-2016 AC Nielsen sales) 
The best choice to solve all laundry problems! Strong removal with safe ingredients that everyone in the family can trust and use.