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Tech Laundry Romantic Flower Detergent Sheet

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Tech Laundry Romantic Flower Detergent Sheet is good for:

  • Thin, light and portable washing
  • Travellers and coin washing machine users
  • Powerful detergent quality that gives same result as boiling clothes
  • Cleaning, bleach and sterilisation
  • Safe skin : 100% Botanical cleansing ingredients and Aloe extract

Tech Laundry Romantic Flower Detergent Sheet 20s

Thin, light and portable detergent sheet suitable for travellers and coin washing machine users. A powerful detergent that gives the same result as boiling clothes. Comes with penetration cleaning system and special enzymes, it has multiple cleaning functions ( Cleaning, Bleach and Sterilization). Safe for skin as it uses 100% botanical cleansing ingredients and aloe extract. 


Place straightened sheet directly into laundry. After washing, remove the sheet and discard

*Tips: Sheet does not dissolve after wash, can be recycle use for cleaning tables or floor etc.


如何使用: 将拉直的床单直接放入衣物中。洗涤后,取出床单并丢弃 *提示:床单在清洗后不会溶解,可以循环用于清洁桌子或地板等。

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