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Soosul Sun-block Cream


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  • Formulated with 1% extracts of Sanghwang mushrooms with the application of Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE).
    Certified sun protection product by KFDA SPF50,PA+++). (50ml) 

    Containing oriental herb ingredients including extracts of Sanghwang mushrooms, neem, polygalae radix, grapefruit seed, radix sophorae, radix platycodi, radix saposhnikoviae, this sunscreen helps to sooth and moisturize your sensitive skin while protecting it from sun damages. It serves as an excellent moisturizing sun protection product and a smooth base for foundation.
  • Directions : Apply appropriate amount on face after skincare routine. Gently pat for better absoption.
  • Active ingredients : Extract of Z. piperitum fruit, Pasque-flower extract, Usnea extract, Licorice extract, Acanthopanax senticosus extract, Green tea extract
  • *含1%经超临界流体萃取技术提取的菌类萃取物。经KFDA认证,拥有SPF50,PA++防晒功效。


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