Korean Beauty Workshops

1. Skylake Shampoo And Mask Essence Workshop

At Hebeloft, we are more than just products and retail. To us, Korean Beauty is an experience that people of all ages can enjoy! 

Presenting to you Hebeloft's very own Skylake Shampoo And Mask Essence Workshop.

Workshop Details:

Blend together skin loving ingredients, and scents that you love!
Hebeloft is hosting these workshops that will guide you through the process of crafting your own shampoo and mask essence.
Mix, pour and stir - Learn how to enrich your hair and skin with herbs and essential oils, naturally.
Suitable for beginners.

2. Korean 10 Steps Skincare Workshop:

Learn all about Korean skincare and the famous 10 steps Korean skincare routine that has taken over the internet by storm! 

During this workshop, the trainers at Hebeloft will walk you through various products and the correct sequence to use them in order to achieve maximum results. 

Understand, learn, try - Get hands on experience on the 10 steps Korean skincare routine, learn through live demonstration and see the effects of our products for yourself.

Suitable for beginners.