Brand Story - Dr.ato

Your child’s care is our #1 priority
A baby is the biggest treasure any parent could ever wish for, and Dr.ato understands that well. Through various clinical test and trials from Korean skin experts and doctors, Dr.ato commits to give the best protection for baby’s health by analyzing any possible skin problems that could occur.
We deeply care about babies and their health, especially newborns, which is why Dr.ato created line of hypoallergenic products that can be applied for newborn babies. The line of hypoallergenic products consists of wet tissue, lotion, hair shampoo, body soap and diaper cream that will protect your loved ones from any bacteria and skin issues. A healthy family means a happy family.
Lifetime care for your happy family
Established in 1979, Boryung Medience Co., Ltd. is a South Korean enterprise that excels in creating baby and child care products.
For more than 3 decades, Boryung Medience has always been one of the best child care products provider in South Korea; putting their customers’ hearts at ease by formulating baby and child care products without 30 potentially harmful substances for babies and children.
Boryung Medience intends to provide the best care and treatment for mothers and their little ones in South Korea.
With that in mind, Boryung Medience with Omni International proudly present Dr.ato to Indonesia as the only brand that has been clinically tested and proven by South Korean skin experts, that provides the ultimate skin care/treatment for babies and children.
From the best, for the best
With 40+ years experience in wholesale and distribution industry, Omni Group is capable to provide its business partners and clients a dependable and professional service.
As an experienced and trusted wholesaler/distributor, Omni International Trading Company; a subsidiary of Omni Group is now presenting Dr.ato to provide Indonesian moms the best skin care/treatment for Indonesian babies.
Dr.ato products are especially made using only natural ingredients that do not cause any allergic reactions to any type of skins, even to newborn babies with sensitive skin.
Now, you needn’t have to worry thinking about what baby/child skin care to choose anymore with having Dr.ato around, because we’re here to provide you the solution you need.