XX - Brand Story - MoonLab

MoonLab is a professional cosmeceutical brand that uses high quality functional raw materials and hi-technology to improve your skin condition from within. By using hi-technology and the knowledge of skin science, it helps them understand the characteristics of the skin better; allowing them to find a solution based on their understanding of the skin. 

Apart from skin protection, their primary focus would be on skin improvement which is to improve the fundamental skin effect on the skin. It provides a professional and specific beauty solution based on ONE-STOP core technology, national GMP health function products, Natural F&P’s R&D network and facilities. It is truly a brand that is custom made for your skin.

The Moonlab Gold Microgen

The effects of gold microgen on the skin has been recorded for years. There are even records showing that gold can cure skin diseases, and gold powder can help to prevent aging among middle age people.

As there are limitations for gold ingredients to be injected into the skin, it is necessary for the gold ingredients to be broken down into nanometre sizes. This allows the gold microgen to be effectively absorbed by the skin, giving your skin a more youthful and refreshing look.


The Moonlab Effect

    • Moisturizing(Gold microgen) - Moisturise dry and old looking skin. It is a high moisturizing products that soothes as well as deposits moisture into the skin.

    • Purification(Italian black truffle extracts) - Black truffle extracts are good for skin purification, moistness and has a low tension level. It mainly benefits dry skin, making the skin feel more energized, moisturised and maintaining a healthy skin.

    • Skin Vitality(polysaccharide fructan) - Fructan is the attraction of high molecule polysaccharide from various vegetables and plants making it high in moisture. It keeps the skin healthy by not only protecting but nourishes the skin from within.

    • Overall Moisture Functionality Moisture supply * Moisture strengthening * Wrinkle improvement * Whitening * Skin relaxation.

<Moonlab products are recommended alongside popular brands such as Chanel and Dior on beauty site.>

Patents & Awards

Patents :
  • Biocellulose sheet and its manufacturing method (No.0405776)
  • Cooling functional sheel and its manufacturing method (No.2014-0094451) 
  • Conjugated linoleic acid mask sheet (No.0918473)
  • Composition including Iris oil for acne skin improvement (No.0538142)
Awards :
  • 2016: Award of Beyond Beauty Brand in Xiamen 'the global cosmeceutical Brand'