XX - Brand Story - May Coop

Using maple tree sap as the main ingredient in its entire skincare line, May Coop replaces plain purified water in most skincare products with the 100% maple sap. Loaded with nourishing and revitalizing nutrients and its high absorbability property, May Coop stormed the Korean beauty market by its naturally found crystal of beauty, as featured on Korean’s #1 Beauty Show Get it Beauty.

As the maple tree sap is collected in the spring for maximum potency, hence the "May" in May Coop.

What is Sap Cosmetics?

In general, more than 50% of cosmetics contents are water, Sap cosmetics are the cosmetics that replace plain water with 100% fluid of a tree.

Sap is the natural fluid extracted from plants and trees. There are types such as maple sap, bamboo sap, sponge gourd and grape sap. Sap is like breast milk, it helps plants and trees sprout or bear fruits. Sap is loved by people for verified safety and effectiveness.


Maple Sap

Maple tree sap is collected from the maple tree, it is a compound ionized water full of various kind of minerals and nutrients such as sugar (2%), amino acids (200ppm), mineral, fatty acid, vitamin, potassium, calcium etc., which maple trees absorb from a deep layer of soil through roots. It is the naturally nature made mineral water that gone through natural stemming.

Key benefits of maple tree sap are moisturizing trans-epidermal tissue, reinforcing skin layer and preventing skin trouble.


Exceptional moisturizing effect:

Maple Sugar Extracts (MSE) is a natural sugar existing in maple tree sap (about 2%), it functions as a coat preventing skin moisture from vaporizing. To put it easily, it is like we spread sugar on fruits daily, to prevent discoloration and water vaporization and avoid skin dryness. Without any artificial and chemical synthesis, it is 100% pure natural moisturizer which can be extracted from nature.


Easy absorption:

Water can be measured by size, the smaller water molecules is, the faster it is absorbed into our body and better delivering active ingredients. The size of maple sap molecules is 89HZ, almost the exact same size as our bodily fluids and excellent for absorption. It enable the formula to be easily absorbed deep into the skin