Brand Story - Derma Science for Professional

With 30 years of experience, Prestige Cosmetics Korea, Co., Ltd has created a new brand of products called “Derma Science”. Derma Science was developed by the combine efforts of skin care professionals and a team of exceptional R&D researcher; committed to bringing the highest standards of professional skin care products. Products under the Derma Science range has been engineered according to the analysis of customer’s needs, mainly:

1. Anti- wrinkle protection
2. Bright and radiant skin

    Derma Science focuses on protecting the skin from 3 main harmful factors (UV rays, Dehydration and Oxidization) and tackling other skin problems making it suitable for all skin types. The main ingredients for the product is collagen and PLX-SA, which is a combination of 5 natural herb extracts that enhances the skin’s immune system; allowing the effects of active ingredients in the formula to be long lasting.

    PLX-SA Consist of 5 Natural herbs:
    1. Centela Asiatica extract - Centela Asiatica is a perennial herb also known as Gotu Kola. It contains Triterepenoids that helps to speed up wound healing, boost antioxidants, strengthen the skin and increase blood supply around the wounded area.
    2. Portulaca Oleracea Extract - Portulaca Oleracea also goes by the name of Purslane, and one of its benefits is that it has a soothing effect and is a good treatment for inflammatory skin. It is also packed with antioxidant vitamins. Portulaca Oleracea can help to fight aging effects of wrinkles as well as brighten up the skin.
    3. Chelidonium Majus Root Extract - Chelidonium Majus, commonly referred to as Greater Celandine; contains a variety of alkaloids and flavonoids which has a superb antioxidant potential. It is also known to help with eczema symptoms such as inflammation and itchiness. Chelidonium Majus has showcased strong antimicrobial abilities in the content of the plant.
    4. Saposhnikovia Divaricata Root extract - Saposhnikovia Divaricata Root also known as Fang Feng, is a herb that is mainly used in traditional oriental medicine. It consist of Antipyretic (Reduction of fever), Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Making it commonly used in many health applications.
    5. Licorice Root Extract - Licorice Root contains an active compound that is called “Glabridin”. It helps to diminish dark under-eye circles, discolouration, lightening skin and age spots. It also contains “licochanlcone” which helps to balance oils making it good for people with oily skin.



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