Brand Story - Baegayul

Baegayul completes the natural beauty for women by carefully selecting the most Korean and beneficial ingredients that grow in the clean lands of Jirisan Mountain.

Baegayul began with great passion for skin. We walked one-way for women who are troubled by tired skin.
Baegayul, made by the explicit skills and continuous research, will now lead to bloom your true beauty by the most Korean and natural ingredients.

Baegayul's peony flower series, integrate pure peony flower in Hanbang way of extraction and formulation, helps to moisturize and brighten the complexion for a youthful-looking glow. Brings vitality to the skin.



Peonies are much more than just sweet smelling elegant flowers. It contains an antibacterial compound, paeonol, which makes it a valuable anti-inflammation and anti-fungal ingredient for treating wounds, skin irritations and inflammations.  This antioxidant works in a similar way to vitamin E. It helps to promote microcirculation in the skin as well as reducing the appearance of pores.

The herb valley, located in the very deep and cleanest nature of Jirisan Mountain, is famous for excellent herbs by the gift of nature. Every year, in such scene of deep mystic valley, red and white peony blooms in May. Baegayul uses the finest extract of peony roots of Jirisan Mountain.

Peony is not only used for various raw materials in the east and the west, but also is loved as a wedding bouquet due to its beautiful appearance. It would not be wrong to say that it is the most intimate and thankful flower for women.
Baegayul, made from the finest extracts of this commendable flower, the peony products will give your skin a fresh beauty like a peony in May.

The history of Baegayul dates back to 2007. As described in Donguibogam (also known as the Principles and Practices of Eastern Medicine), medicinal herb extract was applied on skin from a long time ago. CEO Jo, Suk-Yong based this idea and researched the most Korean ingredients that are beneficial to skin. He put his utmost effort in developing a skin care for fatigue skin caused by the harmful environment and stress.
The product developed in 2009 especially went viral and became famous internationally, and from it CEO Jo made a resolution to spread his know-hows widely for the people who suffer from the skin trouble.
Likewise, the product developed from the site, Baegayul contains a true heart of the doctor of Korean medicine for everyone who seeks to regain clear and clean skin.
Baegayul always puts its greatest passion to bloom the natural beauty in each and every one