Sanghwang Mushroom

What is Sanghwang Mushroom?

A scientific name is Phellinus Linteus, a medicinal mushroom used in countries for centuries. It is shaped like a hoof, has a bitter taste, and in the wild grows on mulberry trees. The stem's color ranges from dark brown to black. It is used in some pharmaceutical companies to make anti-cancer drugs, improving the  immune function to activate deoxidation.


Skin boosting ingredient, for all skin types, and targeting a vast number of skincare concerns. Sanghwang Mushroom moisturizes and and revitalizes tired, dry skin. High efficiency in whitening and brightening effect on skin. In addition, it enhances skin absorption and relieves the damage caused by environmental aggressors. 

Soosul Mushroom Extract Product Range

10% of highly concentrated natural Phellinus linteus mushroom extract KFDA-certified anti-wrinkle cosmetic. This eye cream contains Phellinus linteus mushroom extract with superior moisturizing effect and adenosine, that protects the sensitive skin around eyes and effectively delivers active skin care ingredients into the skin. The harmony between Phellinus linteus mushroom extract and various vitamins makes the skin around eyes feel comfortable and protects the dry, sensitive skin caused by warm weather or surrounding temperature.

Soosul Whitening Sleeping Pack

Paraben free and 3% extracts of sanghwang mushrooms extracts. The Soosul whitening sleeping pack is formulated with concentrated sanghwang mushroom extract, arbutin, plant placenta and collagen to reduce the melanin level in skin and fights pigmentation. It instantly nourishes and moisturizes the skin during sleep and keeps it well hydrated, soft and supple the next morning.



Soosul Cleansing Foam

0.5% of highly concentrated natural Phellinus linteus mushroom extract .This is a weak-acid cleanser made of the mixture of Phellinus linteus mushroom extract and natural vegetable ingredients. While most soaps are alkaline, this cleanser is weak acidic and protects rough, severely dry, oily or sensitive skin and normalizes all the problems of trouble-prone skin.