[Simplymommie]: Review: Skylake Natural BB Cream

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15th September 2014

Skylake BB Cream

I'm a BB cream fan. Ever since I gave up on the convenient 2-way cake foundation 6 years ago, I've tried various brands of BB cream, and I've also given a shot at CC cream, but I really have to say so far my favourite is Skylake's Natural Multi BB cream which I've been using it since June.

Made in Korea by ISO 9001 certified green company, Skylake aldiware products are made from 18 types of oriental herbs and contains mo% natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives. I don't know about you, but I really like that combination!
Skylake's BB cream whitens and moishuises the skin while providing good UV protection. I hate using sunscreen so that's another plus point —lean skip that!

I normally squeeze out a few small blobs at a time and then blending it evenly on the face.

Here are my before/after makeup pics (photo taken with front camera of iPhone 5 in natural light): 

Unlike most cosmetics, Skylake slthicare products are known to soothe, hydrate and empower the skin's natural healing abilities. As you can see, Dm got rather uneven skin tone which the BB cream helps to cover up. Alas, those dark eye rings can't be further concealed — I've not found any concealer which can do the job properly and even on my wedding day the makeup artiste had problems with that Sigh.

Nevertheless, I like that the finish is natural and radiant and my skin doesn't look kinda greyish (which can be the case for some BB creams). If my zits aren't too angry/ huge, also found that Skylake's BB cream can cover it easily without additional use of concealer.

Probably the only grouse I have is the pump — I find that it sometimes squirts out too little/ too much and it took me a few times to get used to it and get the desired amount each time. Maybe it's just me.

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