[GO4GLOW]: New Indie brand Skylake is hanbang heaven if you’re looking for natural/ clean skincare

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20th June 2017

[GO4GLOW Spotlight]: New Indie brand Skylake is hanbang heaven if you’re looking for natural/ clean skincare


Skylake spotlight GO4GLOW 1

Hanbang = Korean word referring to herbal/ traditional medicine.

Hot on the heels of Sulwhasoo, many brands are offering hanbang products these days — kind of the Asian beauty equivalent of organic/ clean skincare of the Western world.

About 1 month ago I got *really* into Skylake, a fairly indie Korean skincare brand. With a tagline of “natural Korean skincare”, I really couldn’t resist.

Now let’s talk about ingredients — as far as I have seen, Skylake is paraben free, mineral oil free, and sulphate free. Whaaaat. I’ve seriously not seen cleaner ingredients lists.

Skylake products contain a blend of 18 oriental herbs that promise to promote blood circulation, nourish, disinfect, soothe, purify and strengthen the skin. Many of these ingredients are antioxidants as well! You can read more about Skylake at Hebeloft.

I gotta admit, even before I slathered any of this on my face, I was already sold. And using these products for the last month didn’t disappoint me at all. I raved about them so much that my 2 workmates started using them too, and then we ended up raving about them together to anyone else who would listen.

My Skylake haul: Herb Dual Maskpack (Elastic), Herbal Relax Toner, Oriental Herb Hosu Aqua Gel, and Oriental Herb Hosu Aqua Cream

1. SkylakeHerb Dual Maskpack (Elastic) 

Skylake dual mask pack elastic care_ GO4GLOW

Just take a look at the ingredients in this mask for an idea of how clean Skylake’s products are. There are no irritants save for Butylene Glycol and Carbomer, and those rank quite low.

Using this mask was awesome. It smells like all the other Skylake products — which is to say, ultimatehanbang, almost like double boiled soup (with cloves). It is really soothing, worked well to brighten my skin, and was very moisturising too!

My only problems with the mask were the fit — it was huge. Was able to make it work with some folding though. Also, the ‘neck’ piece didn’t stay on my neck. It kept falling off, so I eventually ripped it off my neck in frustration.

That aside, I will definitely repurchase this mask! Suitable for sensitive, irritated, acne-prone skin.

2. Skylake Herbal Relax Toner

Skylake mist toner_GO4GLOW.jpg

With such innocuous packaging and such a simple name, I didn’t expect to love this toner mist as much as I do. When the sales associate was showing it to me, she sprayed it into her eyes and mouth (yes really) to show how gentle the formula is. And it really is that gentle!

Because I already have my beloved Klairs Supple Preparation Toner, I use this as a mist to soothe and moisturise my skin during the day. I have found it also works on itchy/ irritated spots on my body (mosquito bites, rashes, small cuts). It’s really soothing, and again, has a dream ingredients list.

Recommended for people with oily/ combination skin — this will nourish and moisturise without feeling oily or heavy. Also suitable for sensitive skin! I find this perfect for soothing my skin on hot days. 

3. Oriental Herb Hosu Aqua Gel and Cream

Skylake hosu aqua cream and gel Go4Glow

I’m putting these together because I really don’t think they should be used apart. I first purchased the Oriental Herb Hosu Aqua Cream by itself. I thought it was quite gentle and soothing, but I didn’t see any drastic differences.

However, after getting the Oriental Herb Hosu Aqua Gel on impulse, and using it before the cream, I realised my skin was truly *glowing*. I use these in the day, and I’ve found myself unwilling to put on makeup because I didn’t want to cover up any of that glow.

What I love most about the Skylake Oriental Hosu Aqua Gel and Cream is that they don’t sit on my skin like some other awful, silicone-ladden moisturisers (Clinique Moisture Surge, I’m looking at you). This means they don’t clog pores, won’t irritate skin, and won’t leave a film over your skin that’s impossible to remove.

Another plus for these two products is that they contain fermented ingredients! For instance, bifida, which strengthens your skin barrier, and galactomytes ferment filtrate, popularly found in SKII, and believed to be a powerful anti-ageing ingredient.

Perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful, translucent, dewy glow on their skin — cos the combination of the gel and cream delivers that with the first use. 

PS: They have a “Skin” (aka toner) as well in this line. I’ve heard great things about it too, but haven’t tried. 

If this post sounds excitable and slightly incoherent, it’s only because I love Skylake so much. Using these products for a month (along with misting about 10 times a day) has greatly improved my skin barrier, given me a consistent glow (seriously, not a day of dull skin since I started using these), and best of all… no breakouts.

Skylake can be found at Hebeloft.com, Redmart, and the aLT concept BHG at Bugis Junction.

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Glow hard or go home,

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