What is Hanbang Beauty? Everything you need to know about Traditional Korean Skincare philosophy – Hanbang

What is Hanbang Beauty? Everything you need to know about Traditional Korean Skincare philosophy – Hanbang 

If you like K-beauty firms and the unique products they provide, you may be using Hanbang skincare without even realizing it. Hanbang cosmetics differ from other popular Korean skincare products in that they are more refined, focusing on specific problems such as anti-aging, smoothing, and moisturizing, rather than just addressing skin problems. They do not provide temporary solutions for minor skin disorders and are hence more focused on the specific.

What is Hanbang?

The term 'Hanbang' refers to traditional Korean holistic medicine. Hanbang product is a mix of traditional Korean medicine that involves the widespread use of herbal medicines to cure ailments and preserve wellbeing. This medication contains a variety of natural substances that help to balance and soothe the body and mind. Some of these herbal elements are also used with topical skincare treatments to enhance the health and texture of the skin. All hanbang skincare products are designed to soothe, brighten, and moisturize the skin. They are substances found mostly in luxury skincare products that are more expensive than Korean skincare retail goods. 

While traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) may have affected it at first, hanbang has evolved on its own throughout the years. It contains unique components and preparation processes, and it seeks to cure and preserve the health of our complexion. Hanbang formulations often feature anti-inflammatory characteristics that are beneficial for soothing and harmonizing chi (energy), as well as being beneficial for sensitive, acne-prone skin and anti-aging. 


Are you looking for a way to include hanbang components into your skincare routine? 

We propose Arum Ginseng Cool Scalp Cleanser, a fantastic hanbang product that was formulated with Korean ginseng and Skylake-patented oriental herbal extract. The signature ingredient Korean Ginseng has been used for centuries as a beauty remedy in Korea. As a renowned antioxidant, it can help balance the oil in the skin and scalp. The use of Skylake-patented oriental herbal extract was inspired by the power of oriental herbs and secret family formula, known to empower the skin’s natural healing abilities and calms sensitivities. Skylake created its patented herbal extract from 18 types of oriental herbs via several stages of the process before adding additional useful components to combine into skincare products. There are three critical phases in the preparation:

1) Allow the herbs to air dry 

2) 72-hour fermentation of therapeutic plants 

3) Allow the essence to mature for at least 90 days before using it to produce skincare products

With Arum Ginseng Cool Scalp Cleanser, you can achieve a clean scalp naturally. This scalp cleanser works like your functional shampoo that strengthens hair roots, improves blood circulation, encourages thicker hair growth, reduces dandruff, soothes irritation, and returns your scalp to its original healthy condition. Following the wash, your scalp will feel clean, and refresh.

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