An Introduction to Geochang in South Korea

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Geochang in South Korea 

When we talk about South Korea, Seoul is the first destination that comes to our mind. Those who are keen on travelling beyond the country’s capital might also mention Jeju Island as the perfect destination to take a break from city life.

South Korea has many hidden gems and far more attractions than what can be completed within a short vacation. A classic example would be Geochang, one of the lesser-known places in South Korea with beautiful sceneries that cannot be found in urban cities such as Singapore. A visit to its oldest attraction – Suseungdae Park will open your eyes to captivating views that perfectly encompasses the beauty of nature.

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Another activity that tourists can participate in would be the Geochang Summer Festival of Theatre. This festival is a great opportunity for theatre lovers to indulge in local plays as well as international theatrical performances. 

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K beauty and skincare from Geochang

Skylake - a skincare brand that specialises in natural skincare products, was first discovered in Geochang, inspired by Geochang’s natural treasures that have since become the key ingredients of Skylake products.

Renowned for natural skincare, Skylake wanted to give the public a glimpse of how their products are made hence they launched their own Cosmetic Café located in Daegu. This Cosmetic Café features workshops that allow participants to have hands-on experience in making Skylake skincare and cosmetic products. The experience is educational and rewarding as besides learning about the ingredients in Skylake products, participants also get to bring home customised skincare products. If you’re interested in skincare or simple love taking care of your skin, this workshop is not to be missed!

Skylake skincare recommendations

One of the best-selling products is the Skylake Herb Relax Toner. Made with Skylake’s patented oriental herb extract which contains 18 types of domestically grown herbs, this facial toner provides a cooling sensation to instantly sooth irritated skin.

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