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WITHSHYAN Multinail Remover

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WITHSHYAN Multinail Remover is good for:

  • Strong removing power
  • Leaving nails fresh and moisturised with Vitamin E
  • Removing gel nails when wrapped in foil

WITHSHYAN Multinail Remover

A multi remover that can also remove gel nail when wrapped in a foil. It has strong removing power that makes it easy to remove glitter colors and contains Vitamin E ingredient that leaves our nails fresh and moist. 

Pour an appropriate amount on a cotton swab. Place it on the nail for a short time, gently remove.



Acetone, Water, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance, Octocrylene, Vitamin E Acetate, D&C Red No. 33
取适量倒在棉签上。 将它放在指甲上一小会儿,轻轻取下。