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Soosul BB cream #21


5 Great Reasons To Buy From Us hebeloft
  • Combining the advanced protective functions of a high-protection sun cream with the perfecting effects of a light foundation, Soosul BB Cream offers an SPF of 37 PA++ and contains 1% of Sanghwang mushroom extracts by applying Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE).

    Made with a variety of oriental herbal extracts such as Sanghwang mushroom, neem and grapefruit seed extracts, this BB cream helps in soothing and moisturizing sensitive and troubled skin. Laded with the good soothing and skin-restoring agent-adenosine, it works effectively as an anti-wrinkle and sun protection layer of base make up.
  • Directions : Apply appropriate amount on face.
  • Active ingredients : neem/Sophorae radix/grapefruit seed extract, Polygalae radix/Platycodi radix/Saposhnikoviae Radix extract, bisabolol, green tea extract, arbutin, adenosine.
  • 草本成分包括桑黄菌萃取物、宁树、苦参根、葡萄柚种子萃取物、远志、桔梗及防风萃取物,有助镇静及滋润敏感和受损肌肤。此BB霜有多种功效,当中的腺甘酸及二氧化钛分别有效抗皱和防晒。



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