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MoonLab Zodiac Handcream - Pig


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  • MoonLab Zodiac Handcream - Pig
    Containing shea butter and concentrated collagen, this hand cream infuses the fresh scent of baby powder scent and intense hydration deeply into your hands without being heavy or greasy. 
  • Apply morning and night, or as often as required.
  • Pig - Pure baby powder perfume
  • 韩国吉祥生肖护手霜

    鼠 - 新鲜的葡萄柚子香味
    牛 - 甜香草香味
    老虎 - 依兰香味
    兔子 - 甜樱桃香味
    龙 - 牡丹香味
    蛇 - 玫瑰香味
    马 - 甜桃花香味
    绵羊 - 新鲜的棉香味
    雄鸡 - 香薰香味
    猴子 - 甜香草香水
    狗 - 芬芳的淡紫色香味
    猪 - 纯婴儿香味"

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