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MoonLab Zodiac Handcream - Horse


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  • MoonLab Zodiac Handcream - Horse
    Containing extracts of horse oil and milk beads, this hand cream infuses the scent of sweet peach blossoms and intense hydration deeply into your hands without being heavy or greasy. 
  • Apply morning and night, or as often as required.
  • Horse - Sweet peach blossom perfume
  • 韩国吉祥生肖护手霜

    鼠 - 新鲜的葡萄柚子香味
    牛 - 甜香草香味
    老虎 - 依兰香味
    兔子 - 甜樱桃香味
    龙 - 牡丹香味
    蛇 - 玫瑰香味
    马 - 甜桃花香味
    绵羊 - 新鲜的棉香味
    雄鸡 - 香薰香味
    猴子 - 甜香草香水
    狗 - 芬芳的淡紫色香味
    猪 - 纯婴儿香味"

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