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JERS Tangerine Soap

JERS Tangerine Soap - hebeloft

5 Great Reasons To Buy From Us hebeloft
  • With utmost sincerity, this hand-made soap is scented with lovely Jeju tangerine fragrance in the shape of a hallabong. Containing Camellia Japonica seed oil and Aloe Barbadensis leaf, this soap infuses intense hydration deeply into your skin and helps to restore moisture and youthful vibrancy to dry aging skin.
  • Rub the soap to lather. Apply the foam on moistened face and gently massage. Rinse thoroughly. If irritation develops, discontinue use or consult a dermatologist. Use only as directed. Store in cool and dry places. Avoid sun exposure and high temperature.
  • Coconut oil, Palm oil, Camellia oil, Shea butter, Glycerin, Tangerine skin powder, Cape jasmine powder, Paprika powder, Orange essential oil and Mandarin essential oil 
  • 汉拿峰香手制香皂都是精心制作的。其中富含维生素C的陈皮(橘子皮)和清爽的橘子油,不仅可以使疲惫的肌肤变得光亮和润泽,而且甜美和温馨的香味还能给您带来美好的心情。


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