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JBU Red Ginseng Beverage

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5 Great Reasons To Buy From Us hebeloft
  • Containing red ginseng, JBU Red Ginseng Beverage helps to boost immunity, stamina and energy level. It improves brain function by stimulating brain cells and improving concentration and cognitive activities.
  • Consume directly or mix with water if you want. Serve cold or warm. Suitable for all ages. An appropriate serving size for children is about one-half an adult serving. Shake well before drinking. Store in a dry and cool place. Consume within 24 hours after opening.
  • 100% Red Ginseng Tonic.  Every 70ml pack contains Red Ginseng (Radix Ginseng) 3.5g (Main Root 70%, Hairy Root 30%), purified water 66.5ml.
  • 使用红参制成,红参蕴含丰富人参皂苷Rg1及Rb1。


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