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J&W Steam Eye Mask


5 Great Reasons To Buy From Us hebeloft
  • Best thing to ease your eye strain, J&W steam eye masks sooth your eyes to a comfortable and relaxed state with a steam bath (40℃) for 20 minutes. This steam eye mask serves the best interests of people with eye tiredness that caused by excessive use of digital devices, travelling, insomnia, long hours of reading and studying. This eye mask is excellent for relieving your eye tension and it keeps the eyes moist.
    Special triple layer - With the triple layer design, it prevents your eyes from direct exposure to heat.

    Hygienic - Safe and secure product for sensitive eyes.

    Eco-friendly -Contains 100% natural red ocher, without any chemical substances

  • 1. Open the pouch and take out the mask.
    2.Cut along the notched line. 3. Place the white-colored side of mask on eyes and the notched edge down.
    4. Lie down or sit back comfortably. Remove the mask after 20 minutes.

    1. Do not use if you have eye diseases or inflammations, injuries, swelling, or eczema around your eyes.  Check with your doctor before use.
    2. Discontinue to use when mask feels too hot.
     3. Avoid using with contact lenses.
    4. Discard the mask after single use. Do not use if damaged.
    5. Do not press mask over mask.
  • 本产品有极佳的缓解眼部疲劳的效果,可以持续二十分钟维持40℃让您感到舒适放松。此产品适合于长时间使用电子设备而引起眼部疲劳者、出外旅游者、失眠症患者或经过长时间阅读学习者。此产品可以有效缓解眼部压力并可以保持眼部湿润。

    2. 沿切口线撕开。


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