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Dooraeone Honey Jujube Tea

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Dooraeone Honey Jujube Tea is good for:

  • Relieving blood circulation issues with essential vitamins and antioxidants
  • Reducing inflammation and enhancing immune health using traditional Chinese medicine
  • Regulating digestive disorders with 100% selected Wildflower Honey

Dooraeone Honey Jujube Tea

Dooraeone Pine Nut Honey Jujube Tea contains mixed premium honey and jujube in an optimal ratio with unique manufacturing. The tea contains natural antibiotic compounds, and together with Jujube, a natural antibiotic fruit, this Pine Nut Honey Jujube Tea enhances the body’s immunity and provide a health reinforcing effect. Enjoy the unique combination of nutty flavour, glutinous jujube pulp, and honey.

  • Mix 30g of the Honey Tea with 90ml hot or cold water in a cup. Stir well until dissolved.
  • Jujube 12% Honey 5% Sugar 24.7% Jujube extract 6.56% Flavor(Jujube) 0.03% Ginger extract 0.48%

    Dooraeone蜂蜜红枣茶 (1kg)