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Babience Fabric Softener

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Babience Fabric Softener is good for:

  • Gentle cleaning, safe for children's skin
  • An eco-friendly antibacterial formula with Grapefruit extract

Babience Fabric Softener

Safe fabric softener containing plant-based cleaning ingredients for baby soft skin. Made using floral water certified by ECOCERT, an organic verification association in France. Formulated with natural ingredients like Lappa fruit which has a good efficacy in anti-itch effect, protecting the baby's delicate skin. Does not contain the 10 harmful ingredients that causes skin irritation - Natural preservative, fluorescent whitening agent, colorant, phosphate, petroleum surfactant, bleach, animal component, paraben, mineral oil. Babience Fabric Softener has passed Korea's national skin irritation test.

 Measure the correct amount of softener using the fill lines in the lid and pour it into the dispenser at the same time you add detergent.
Water, Sodium citrate, Ester quaternary ammonium salt, Polyoxyethylene alkylether, Monoethylene glycol, Dimethyl ammonium chloride, Fragrance, Butyl ether dimethicone

安全的织物柔软剂,包含用于婴儿柔软皮肤的植物基清洁成分。包含由ECOCERT认证的花水,该水在法国有机验证协会中。富含拉帕水果等天然成分,具有良好的止痒功效,可保护宝宝的皮肤。通过了皮肤刺激试验,排除了10种有害成分:天然防腐剂,荧光增白剂,着色剂,磷酸盐,石油表面活性剂,漂白剂,动物成分,对羟基苯甲酸酯,矿物油。 如何使用: 使用盖子上的填充线测量正确的柔软剂量,并在添加洗涤剂的同时将其倒入分配器中。


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