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Coscoi Company Arratopface Auto Eyebrow -vBLACK/BLACK BROWN/GRAY/GRAY BROWN/BROWN

Coscoi Company Arratopface Auto Eyebrow #01 Black - hebeloft

5 Great Reasons To Buy From Us hebeloft
  • Create your own natural looking eyebrows with this easy to use eyebrow pencil.

    Available in 5 shades!
    #01 Black
    #02 Black Brown
    #03 Gray
    #04 Gray Brown
    #05 Brown
  • 1. Brush brows in their natural direction with the spoolie end.
    2. Fill in the gaps with the eyebrow pencil.
    3. Shape, fill and extend your brows with a few strokes first and apply more product if needed.
    4. Brush brows and blend the colour through the spoolie for a natural looking finish.

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