Brand Story - Soosul

Ageless skin made possible.
Backed by extensive research and patented technology in using Sang-hwang mushroom extracts as natural substance, Soosul skincare provides a full range of premium Korean herbal  skincare products powered by the miraculous properties of Sang-hwang mushroom to provide excellent free-radical elimination action, antioxidative action and whitening effect.  Uses only the domestic pesticide-free and environment-friendly certified Sang-hwang mushroom and various natural Korean medicinal herbs, Soosul skincare aims to present the ancient wisdom of Korean herbal medicinal skincare to the sophisticated you. 

Soosul is currently distributed in South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam.  

What is Sang-hwang mushroom?
Sang-hwang mushroom (also known as gold dum or by its scientific name Phellinus linteus) is a valuable mushroom which grows in the trunks of mulberry trees.  It helps to clear free radicals from the body and is proven to have anti-tumor properties on skin, lung and prostate cancer cells.  It is a great source of antioxidants for anti-aging and hence known as the “herb of eternal youth resurrecting the dead”. 

It is shaped like a hoof, as it grows on the mulberry tree, it looks like a tongue protruding from a tree stump, thus the Koreans name it “soosul” (tree tongue).