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Hebeloft Rewards FAQ

Hebeloft Rewards FAQ


Q: What is Hebeloft Rewards?

A: Hebeloft Rewards is our online loyalty programme. You can earn 1 Point for every $1 purchase on Hebeloft products, online or offline. You can use the Points to redeem discounts for your next online purchase.


Q: Who is eligible to join Hebeloft Rewards?

A: Membership is limited to individuals only, and is limited to one account per individual. You must be 13 years or older and must have a valid email address to register the programme. Individuals of any country of residence are welcomed. By signing up for the Hebeloft Rewards program, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Q: What is the cost of joining Hebeloft Rewards?

A: It is free of charge. No purchase is needed to become a member of Hebeloft Rewards.


Q: How to sign up for Hebeloft Rewards?

A: Whenever you sign up Hebeloft account for online purchase, you will automatically register for Hebeloft rewards. Alternatively, click “Hebeloft Rewards” on our webpage to enter the registration page and follow the instructions from there to enable us to register your rewards point for your offline shopping.


Q: How to earn Hebeloft Rewards points?

A: Earn 1 points for every dollar you shop with Hebeloft, online or offline.  Plus many ways to earn points.  Check out on the Rewards page.

For your online purchase, the rewards points will be credited to your account automatically when you complete the purchase online.

For your offline purchase, bring the receipts to Hebeloft counter at OG Chinatown or Albert, our beauty consultant will help to credit the points to you. 

Q: How to redeem the points I earned?

A: Login to your Rewards account and follow the instruction from there.


Q: How can I view my Hebeloft Rewards account?

A: To view your Hebeloft Rewards account, simply click the Widget (butterfly icon) located at the bottom right of the website to get directed to the membership page.


Q: Do my Hebeloft Rewards points expire?

A: As long as you make a purchase at our online store within the last 24 months, your points will remain active.


Q: Can the discount coupons be used again?

A: No, all the discount coupon codes can be used only once.


Q: Can I redeem my points for other things?

A: Yes, just refer to your Rewards on membership page for your entitlement.