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How to make your own beauty products-DIY

We at hebeloft believe in making hair and skincare and experience. If you want to learn the process of crafting your shampoo, you can join us in our Korean shampoo and Mask essence workshop, where we take you through mixing those unique ingredients with your favorite smell to create the perfect hair care product for you.


"Dr Groot Anti-hair loss shampoo for the oily scalp is the best shampoo for controlling hair loss. I have used many products before, but only Dr Groot gave me satisfactory results."

"Dr. Groot Anti- hair loss shampoo for damaged hair changed my life. My hair feels so healthy and happy now."

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Am I Using Too Much Shampoo?

You are using too much shampoo if it feels like you are coating your hair and have difficulty forming leather. If you are not satisfied with your shampoo's cleansing, switch to deep cleansing shampoos available at Hebeloft.

Q2: Are Anti Hair Fall Shampoos Better?

Anti-Hair fall shampoos are necessary if you face more than regular hair fall, thinning of hair, or dandruff on the scalp.

Q3: Can You Use Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Before Coloring Hair?

It is best to use anti-hair fall shampoo a day or two before coloring your hair.

Q4: Does Dr Groot Shampoo Work?

Dr Groot is the most popular brand in the Korean haircare range. It shows effective results within two weeks of regular usage.

Q5: How Shampoo Works?

Shampoos contain cleansing agents that remove dirt and grease from hair. Shampoos may contain different formulations to suit different hair types.

Q6: How To Go Shampoo Free?

You can use vinegar or clay-based homemade cleanser instead of shampoo to wash your hair.

Q7: Is Korean Shampoo Safe?

Korean hair care products are better for your hair health. Its ingredients are gentler both for hair and the scalp.

Q8: What Is Anti Dandruff Shampoo?

The anti-Dandruff shampoo contains medicinal ingredients that remove fungus and flaky skin on the scalp.

Q9: Where To Buy Korean Shampoo?

You can buy Korean shampoos at the best price on, Singapore

Q10: Can You Mix Different Brands Of Shampoo And Conditioner

It is best to use the same brands shampoo and conditioner as one is formulated to complement the other.

Q11: Does Conditioner Come Before Shampoo?

It is best to read the instructions on the product when you use it.

Q12: Does Hair Get Used To Shampoo?

The idea of hair getting used to shampoo is unfounded. If you are getting different results from your shampoo, your hair requirement has changed.

Q13: Does Shampoo Expire or Go Bad?

Yes, shampoos, as well as conditioners, do expire. You can find its expiration date on the product itself, which should be 12 to 24 months from manufacturing.

Q14: Does Dr Groot Shampoo Contain Sulfate?

Dr Groot shampoo does not contain harmful additives like sulfate, paraben, or silicon.

Q15: Does Volumizing Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

Volumizing shampoos may lead to hair loss.

Q16: Which Shampoo Is Best For Dandruff And Hair Fall?

Hebeloft offers the best Korean hair care brand, and is amongst the best products available in the market for dandruff control and hair fall.

Q17: Which Shampoo Is Good For Hair Loss Singapore?

Hebeloft has the best Anti-Hair loss shampoo for thin hair,anti-hair loss shampoo for damaged hair, and anti-hair fall shampoo for oily scalp have shown the best results in treating hair loss in Singapore.