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Brand Story - TOV

Enjoy TOV and experience joy coming from Beauty & Virture.
TOV motto is harmony of Beauty & Virtue.
Beauty is originated from latin “Bene” which means good and virtue.  “TOV” is created with the strong believe that genuine beauty is achieved by the harmony of external beauty and inner virtue. From the very beginning, TOV was founded to provide you with these two essential elements for your complete balanced beauty.
TOV products provides external beauty. All the products are developed in the lab with latest technology and is selected in a very precise manner. In order to bring joy to everyone, TOV will sharing the profit from your valuable choice with our disadvantaged neighbours.
With every product purchased, TOV will provide 20 Litres of safe water to children in Africa
By using camellia in all its products, TOV is eco-friendly. Camellia has polyphenol and flavonoid, which helps with skin conditioning, making your skin soft and firm. Additionally, Camellia has effects to help with sebum control and keeping your skin fresh. Furthermore, Camellia prevents oxidation as it has anti-aging properties present. Products also includes various vegetable ingredients such as olive oil, guava extract, macadamia nut oil and shea butter as they aid nourishment and moisturizing.
Camellia: pore tightening, sebum control, antibacterial effect
Guava: anti-oxidation, anti-aging, pore tightening, elasticity, prevent pigmentation
Carambola: protect and reinforce the thin skin, elasticity, brightening
Lime: antibacterial effect, prevent trouble, anti-aging, elasticity
Rosa Rugosa: promote blood circulation, improve skin condition and trouble
Sambucus nigra: anti-oxidation, improve acne and trouble skin, soothe burn skin
 We called these items as Camellia line (Cooling CC, CC Cream, Air cushion, Cleansing Balm, Serum, Eye cream) and are loved around world.