Brand Story - O&YOUNG

O&YOUNG exists for your happiness and joy.



Cosmetic brand made by plastic surgeons.

All Products of O&YOUNG BEAUTY SOLUTION are made by Plastic Surgeons at ‘O&YOUNG Plastic Surgery Clinic’. Since 1991, O&YOUNG have built an international Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Brand. Therefore, O&YOUNG offers a safe and suitable beauty service base on research and experience.

Trustable Products

O&YOUNG BEAUTY SOLUTION provides authentic Test Reports from Certificated Authorities, and our products are certified by KFDA (Korean Food & Drug Administration). In addition, with our highly advanced technology and cGMP, ISO certified facilities, we can provide you a safe and sanitary product.



Miracle of Gold, O&YOUNHG Essential Care

O&YOUNG has a gold label product range that consist of 3 step 24k gold nose pack, Gold coating hydrogel mask, Gold coating toner, Gold coating emulsion, Gold coating facial cream.

Gold coating skincare products creates a gold barrier layer on the skin that helps to minimize water loss. Gold nano particles deeply penetrate into dermal layer, accelerates ion-exchange and pore tightening. 


The other effect of O&YOUNG products

Snow White Skin - Snow-White Injection ingredient, Glutathione has ability to inhibit the melanin of the skin which induces the brightness of the face.  

 Watery Bright Skin - Watery-Bright Injection ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to increase moisture level of skin, increase elasticity and make the skin look healthier.  Activation of the collagen induce the wrinkle improvement and skin tone up.

Poreless skin texture – Skin becomes smooth and poreless after the removal of black and white heads on nose. GSC (Ginseng Stem Cell Extract) Cytokine from the Stem Cells accelerates regeneration of the epidermal skin cells. Furthermore, adenosine increases number of Fibroblast and accelerates Collagen synthesis. It helps to improve skin wrinkle and elasticity.