XX - Brand Story - Lilief

Brand Information
Lilief is Korean unique and premium cosmetic skin-care brand made from high quality fermented natural ingredients.
 The brand has been in Singapore since February 2017.
Lilief has been actively participating in pop-up stores around various department stores and local shopping malls in Singapore.
Brand Focus:
Features of Lilief Cosmetics:
Lilief cosmetics contains natural components such as Mulberry extract and Aloe Leaf extract.
Ampoule and cream are premium herbal particles, and the ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting regeneration of new skin.
Compared to the make-up products that contain chemically synthesized ingredients, our natural skin care line would be more appealing to the modern health-conscious consumers.

Newly launched Spray device 'Lilief-M' in 2018 will become a first leader in Cos-medical product to meet the trend of the latest cosmetics market.
'Lilief-M' is a dedicated mist device that makes nano-particles type of ampoules easily absorbed into the skin providing nutrition and bringing effects of anti-aging, whitening, elasticity, moisturizing, wrinkle improvement and antioxidation. It doesn't follow the traditional make-up method that usually applied onto our skin by hands.
Lilief constantly explores and studies to find ways to maximize the efficacy of natural fermentation products on the skin by using machines.
Story of brand name: 
What does ‘Lilief’ mean?
Lilief Pte Ltd was founded in 2017 with the motto of 'Life' like a ‘Water Lily'.

Water Lily is the most beautiful flower in the world.

It has special meaning that the most beautiful flower overcomes adversities and most beautifully blooms at the end.

Despite the trials and adversities, Lilief always wants to be the brand that cherishes the brand motto with unchanging heart by sharing and appreciating 'Our Eternal Beauty'.
Motto of brand
Life of Lilief
When you love yourself,
and when you appreciate the gift of nature,
That is when you are most beautiful.
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