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Skylake Natural Lip Balm (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

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Skylake Natural Lip Balm is good for:

  • Soothing and smoothing dry, sensitive, chapped lips with the power of herbal extracts
  • A subtle, colourless sheen

Skylake Natural Lip Balm

Its ultra-fine texture with herbs extract and natural ingredients moisturises lips and makes them smooth. This formula is created with herbal extracts, shea butter, and propolis extract to replenish dry lips. The pink colour of the lip balm is derived from cape jasmine and applies colourless on the lips.

Apply liberally and allow an excess of the lip balm to be absorbed.

  • Beeswax, jojoba seed oil, chamaecyparis obtusa,oil, castor seed oil, evening primrose oil, rosa canina fruit oil, shea butter, lithospermum erythrorhizon extract, hyaluronic acid, tocopherol, propolis extract, rose wood oil



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