BO First Class Dry Tissue
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BO First Class Dry Tissue

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BO First Class Dry Tissue is good for:

  • Excellent hygiene and quality control
  • No chemical ingredients like preservatives, best suited for children's skin

BO First Class Dry Tissue 
1 pack

Made of 100% pure cotton material, using domestically manufactured fabrics with excellent hygiene and quality control, without chemical ingredients such as preservatives that is best suited for child's skin. You can safely use this product that is made naturally without chemicals and additives. The due dilligence of BO Dry Tissues make children healthy for a lifetime. 



Add water to dry tissue and use it as a wet tissue when wiping child's face and mouth or to wipe a child's buttocks when changing diapers, or as a feeding pad, or as a replacement for cotton pad when removing makeup. Suitable for all ages even newborn babies, atopic and sensitive baby skin, for travelling and outing. 


The BO Dry Tissues (25 Sheets/pack) have the optimal quantity for one-day use for each child.




Fit snugly on face.

100% Pure Cotton

采用100%纯棉材料制成,采用国产面料,卫生和质量控制极佳,不含防腐剂等化学成分,最适合儿童皮肤。您可以安全地使用不含化学物质和添加剂的天然产品。适当干燥的BO干纸可使儿童终生健康。 加水擦干组织,擦拭孩子的脸和嘴时用作湿纸巾,或在更换尿布时擦拭孩子的臀部,或作为喂食垫,或在卸妆时更换化妆棉。适合所有年龄段的婴幼儿,特应性和敏感婴儿皮肤,适合旅行和郊游。BO干纸巾(25张/包)具有每个孩子一天使用的最佳量。


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