What Are Exfoliating Gloves, and Should You Be Using Them?

exfoliating glove


Health and beauty hacks are plentiful on TikTok, because most of us are open to any product or technique that may improve our self-care or simplify our daily routine. The latest trend sweeping the video-sharing site promises a more effective and efficient approach to a common skin-care practice: exfoliation.

The concept of using an exfoliating glove to slough off dead skin isn’t new — Korean spas have been offering the service for many years. Yet the oddly satisfying images of dead skin cells shedding from users' bodies on social media are causing the technique to have a moment. On TikTok the search term “exfoliating gloves” yields a whopping 128.7 million views, while #exfoliatingglove has racked up more than 62 million views, with thousands of users sharing their own video evidence that the budget-friendly beauty item is more effective at sloughing unwanted dead skin off the body than other physical or chemical exfoliators.

The gloves look similar to a tanning mitt and are worn over the hand. Most videos offer a similar demonstration: Users rub the glove up and down their legs and other body parts, oftentimes after soaking in a tub, resulting in visible skin shedding.

A silk exfoliating glove from No. 1 Illume has achieved cultlike status on TikTok. One video shared by Hana Amara in which she used the glove from the British beauty brand has been viewed over 6.6 million times. Not only does it offer physical evidence that the glove effectively and immediately sheds dead skin, but she says it is the only relief her sister, who has the skin condition keratosis pilaris, has found to treat her dry, rough patches of skin with tiny bumps.


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