Vitamin C is the skincare ingredient celebrities swear by, but what are the benefits and does it actually work?

Vitamin C used to be something we only talked about during cold and flu season, when we loaded up on oranges and chewable vitamin gummies to beat the sniffles.
Now it's being hailed as the new miracle ingredient in skincare and it seems like there's an endless list of benefits to adding a little Vitamin C to your routine.

What is Vitamin C?

We usually think of the Vitamin C found in oranges and carrots as an immune-boosting vitamin, but it's so much more.
Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C promotes collagen production; that's the vital protein that keeps our skin looking plump and young, so it's a game-changer when added to a skincare routine.
Vitamin C can also aid in tissue repair and is an antioxidant, which can help neutralise the effects of UV damage and pollution on our skin.
Countless celebrities swear by the ingredient, including Miranda Kerr, who even created her own Vitamin C serum.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C for skin?

Where do we begin? Vitamin C has been found to do everything from boosting hydration, to brightening skin and reducing redness, hyperpigmentation and the appearance of under-eye circles.
As mentioned before, it also promotes collagen production and that can help in a number of ways, from minimising the effects of sun damage to possibly helping wounds heal.
Some of the claims around Vitamin C - that it can prevent sagging, protect against sun damage, soothe sunburns and minimise scars - are less well-studied, but there's anecdotal evidence for many of these benefits.
Of course, Vitamin C works differently for everyone based on their skin type, the product used and more.

Can everyone use Vitamin C on their skin?

Pretty much! Specialist dermatologist Dr Cara McDonald told Marie Claire that it's a great ingredient to add to your skincare routine at any age.
"We all need to eat Vitamin C and have it in our diet to stay healthy, so we should also have it in our skin diet," she says.
"As we start to get older and see ageing concerns, like fine lines, wrinkles and complexion issues – we need it more and more."

What Vitamin C products work best?

Which Vitamin C product will work best for you is largely based on your own skin type, goals and individual preference.
If you're incorporating the ingredient in your skincare for the first time, we suggest choosing a serum that has science (as well as positive reviews) to back it up.
"I look for brands that have science, studies …where you can actually see the difference between those using this particular product [and those that aren't]," Dr McDonald told Marie Claire.

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