Silk Cocoon Extract

What is Silk Cocoon Extract?

It does sound scary at first but you wouldn't imagine how good it is for your hair.
It sounds too odd to be true, but while perusing popular skincare products in South Korean beauty shops, you can inevitably come across bags of silkworm cocoons. 
Let's dive into what is silkworm cocoons and how it's put into skincare. Believe it or not, you might probably be using a silkworm cocoon ingredient on your skin without you realizing! 

How did it come from?

Silk, of course, has been a popular material for centuries across the globe, mostly for the use of making clothing. The silkworm species Bombyx mori, hatch from eggs and begin as caterpillars called larva. Shortly after they are born, the caterpillars spin cocoons. They essentially spit out strands of silk from their mouths, which are made up of saliva packed with nutrients from digested mulberry leaves, to spin their cocoons.
Once the caterpillars are done with their creation and nestled inside the cocoon, they shed their skin to transform to their next phase (at this transition stage they are called pupae). After a few weeks, the insect uses its spit to dissolve the cocoon and emerge as a moth.
For the purposes of skincare, our interest is in the cocoons that they leave behind: in particular, specific proteins that make up the silk cocoon’s structure.


Silk protein is great when applied to weak + damaged hair, the results are no different since silk is deemed to be one of the strongest fibers on the planet! Silk proteins have bond building properties that can repair bleach damaged hair, strengthen brittle hair, and so much more! 

Hair is mostly made up of a protein known as keratin that gives the hair strands their strength, protection and structure. 

Silk proteins for hair have been studied and shown to provide protection, strength, all while allowing the bleaching process to occur. When the hair shaft is treated with a silkworm protein formula, it coats the fibers which protect the keratin chains while simultaneously allowing the melanin to oxidize. This way, you can get to that color you want with the protection from unnecessary damage that you need.

Skylake Silk Hairpack and Conditioner

A premium quality hairpack that is formulated by natural silk cocoon extract, patented with Skylake oriental herbal extract and wilfordi root extract. Use it for detangling unruly hair, calming and soothing sensitive scalp, restores, making hair look shiny.