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Isntree Sensitive Balancing Cleansing Foam Review [@lihuijapanlove, @thequeenapple & @sodapopp]

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Lihui利慧 (@lihuijapanlove)

18 July, 2018

Loving the Isntree Sensitive Balancing Cleansing Foam from @hebeloft which is great for sensitive skin like mine! It contains 4 main and power ingredients:

1)Myristic Acid - helps to maintain smooth and glowing skin.
2)Betaine - supplies abundant moisture to dehydrated and sensitive skin
3)Mannitol - prevents skin from losing moisture and uses enzyme actions to remove unnecessary keratin.
4)Tocopheryl Acetate - vegetable vitamin E derivative that protects skin from external environment damage and prevents skin damage.

Cleanse and moisturise your skin without worries!



💃🏼 Apple Mademoiselle (@thequeenapple)

22 July, 2018

@hebeloft’s Isntree Sensitive Balancing Cleansing Foam produces a fluffy cloud of bubble foam & contains natural moisturizing ingredients to retain moisture on the skin.
With ingredients such as Myristic Acid, gives luster & radiance to my skin without any irritation. Tocopheryl Acetate, Vitamin E derivative that protects the skin from external environment damage & serves great purpose for healing too!
I love how my skin feels after using Isntree Sensitive Balancing Cleansing Foam! I feel refreshed, cleansed & more radiant looking!
Visit for more of their products!
#hebeloft #hypeandseeksg@hypeandseeksg



j a n 🌹 (@sodapopp)

6 August, 2018

Having sensitive skin and convinced by their philosophy of a skin friendly cleansing base, I've been trying @isntree_official sensitive balancing cleansing foam - it's mild cream like texture thoroughly cleanses, giving luster and retaining moisture on the skin! 💕

Now available for purchase on @hebeloft❣️ #HypeandSeekSG #ISNTREE

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