Skin Whims ( @skinwhims )

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 Skin Whims ( @skinwhims )


4:17 PM Nov 29, 2017

I have never heard of this brand until I stumbled upon their account here. I had no expectations in terms of reviewing the Soosul Silver Skin Refiner and Moisturizer from Hebeloft and I think that added to their charm. The Soosul range is their anti-aging line, backed by Sang-hwang mushroom extracts that nourishes the skin and restores skin resilience. Both smell like the luxurious cream my mother puts on at night so it's always a comforting feeling when I use them. The refiner, which I use as a #toner at night, has an essence-like texture that's a bit tacky but I don't mind since it's my first step and I felt like this blended well with the other products I use. The #moisturizer, which is my favorite, has a thin, creamy texture that sinks into the skin quickly. I was surprised because I thought this wouldn't work on my oily skin. It's not mattifying but it's a good nighttime moisturizer; I don't wake up like a greaseball after using this. I've used this for more than I month and these two products easily plumped my skin. They brightened my skin and made it look healthier. If you guys are interested to try this, I have a 30% #discountcode HBSW30 at, valid until 31 December 2017. #skinwhimsreview Hebeloft Soosul Skin Refiner and Soosul Skin Moisturizer These products were provided by @hebeloft foor review.

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