[happinessgirl30] Review: Derma Science Milky Collagen Cleanser

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20th August 2019

Hello dear!

The second product in my arsenal for cleansing the skin that does not form foam is Milky Collagen Cleanser by @dermascience_korea

For a long time, bloggers understood what this thing was for and how to use it! Someone took off her makeup using cotton pads and someone used her as a hydrophilic!I decided not to experiment and not to guess, but simply wrote to the representative! So, this is milk for the second stage of skin cleansing, that is, it replaces the foam or gel for washing!

The tool is ideal for morning cleansing, but it is good to use this in the evening to end the day with a bang!Contains allantoin, arginine, centella extract, purslane, grape oil and hyaluronic acid.It does not dry completely, leaves the skin smooth, soft, velvety, even after applying care! Therefore, it will be ideal for dry sensitive skin, also suitable for aging skin that cannot be overdried!

The downside? I don’t like the packaging, the button is flimsy, but so far it’s not broken.
Next, the formula is not for me! And if for the Lagom micellar gel, I suffer the absence of foam for the sake of pure pores, then this is not there, that is, the black dots remain in place. I still love foam!

The volume is 150 ml, and it is at a steeper price, so I can’t recommend it for purchase, it loses a little due to the packaging. Although, I would consider this brand as a gift to mothers!

The brand is presented on @hebeloft


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