[happinessgirl30] Review: Derma Science BB cream

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8th August 2019

Hello! Everyone knows the best Sunscreen and bb creams live in Korea.

I am very pleased to meet @dermascience_korea Derma Vivant bb cream. I'll tell you about the brand next time, now let's talk about the main character!




Like all bb, it has caring properties - eliminating pigmentation and antiage effect, for this there are many useful ingredients - niacinamide, panthenol, adenosine, allantoin, oils and extracts. Also, the presence of spf 32, you can’t help but rejoice!

The packaging is super convenient! Air cannot spoil the product, and the dispenser give the cream in small portions!

Volume 40 ml.

Bb-cream spreads well on the skin, does not strip, does not fall into the pores. The aroma of the cream is very light, cosmetic!
The shade at first seems light, but then somehow miraculously sits down even on my tanned skin (and how did I manage with our summer one?).
The finish is lively, moist, the effect of healthy sleek skin is created, redness and uneven skin tone are well hidden!

Of the minuses - bb is not very persistent (should it?), But this can be easily fixed if you fix it with powder.

Also another downside is its availability! In general, the entire brand is presented only in unknown Korean corners and one Internet store @hebeloft 😥The price is about 2400 rubles. Hope to see her somewhere soon at roseroseshop.

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