What you need to know about Halal Beauty Products

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Skincare and makeup from the perspective of Muslims

Skincare and makeup have become a popular practice for women from all walks of life. However, not everyone is free to use any skincare or makeup products they find in the market. For example, Muslim women must make sure that they do not commit acts that goes against Islam and take measures to ensure that they abide to ingredient restrictions. In short, the products they use must be halal.

In Arabic, halal refers to what is lawful for the Muslims while Haram signifies what is unlawful for them. For a product to be halal, it should not contain non-permissible ingredients such as alcohol, gelatine, and collagen. Coincidentally, these three ingredients are also key components of many beauty products. Therefore, it is not easy for Muslim women to find products that do not contain any of these prohibited ingredients.

What are halal-certified products? 

Halal skincare products contain ingredients that are permissible according to Islamic teachings, which means that there is no use of alcohol, gelatine, keratin and animal based ingredients. In general, people tend to have the  misconception that as long as they are not directly consuming these makeup products, it is safe to use them despite containing haram ingredients. However, it is important to note that when you apply lipstick or lip balm, it can be easily swallowed while facial products can penetrate through your skin which is a major cause of concern. Therefore, to effectively avoid any unlawful acts, halal products have become very popular in the cosmetics industry.

Why Choose Halal Skincare Products? 

The arrival of halal skincare products have stepped up the game for Muslim women, allowing them to enjoy skincare and makeup, simultaneously abiding to their religious boundaries. 

Besides carrying religious importance, halal skincare products are cruelty free and made from organic ingredients which means it is completely safe to use as it does not contain chemicals that can harm your skin.  The manufacturing companies makes sure that their practices adhere to Islamic laws and are certified by the halal association. From the manufacturing phase to packaging, quality assurance is guaranteed.

Hebeloft aims to bring you the highest quality Korean beauty products available in the market. We are passionate about harnessing the benefits of natural ingredients to address the various skin concerns our customers may have. Staying true to the realm of natural skincare also means that many of our products are free of haram ingredients and are therefore suitable for Muslims. We rely mainly on herbal ingredients to bring you visible improvements effectively and efficiently.

On our website you can find halal skincare products and purchase them online in Singapore. We carry some of the best-selling halal Korean skincare products and our halal skincare products can be easily identified by the “Halal Friendly” logo located in our product details. Conveniently pick out products that suit your skincare needs and check for the halal logo before purchasing - it’s that simple!

The coming articles will highlight the use of three major ingredients - alcohol, collagen, and gelatine in the cosmetic industry, whether it’s halal or haram to use and what alternatives are available. Additionally, we will dive into greater detail about Halal beauty products and provide you with recommendations from our own skincare range.

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