What is Halal Beauty?

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Today, we will be tackling one of the most popular topics we get asked to write about.

Halal skincare. Have you heard of it before?

According to Islamic law, Halal is a term that designates objects or actions which are permissible for Muslims to use or engage in. Halal skincare refers to products that are free from primary animal products and some types of alcohol.

Don’t be quick to assume that Halal products are just for Muslim users - whether you are Muslim or not, Halal products are attractive options for mindful and ethical consumers who want to use cruelty-free products, or avoid the drying effects of alcohol in their skincare routines.

However, as the certification process can take up to two years, there are few Halal-certified brands, especially in the Korean beauty industry. Hence, it usually falls back on the Muslim consumer to eyeball the ingredient list for red-flag ingredients. Unfortunately, some ingredients can come from either halal or haram sources.

Common examples of ambiguous skincare ingredients


Usually derived from marine or bovine sources, but sometimes from pig.


Impurities include ethyl alcohol/ethanol and alcohol originating from dates or grapes. Alcohols that do not intoxicate, like benzyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol are halal.


Can be derived from cows and pigs.

Glycerin & Allatoin

Can be derived from animal, plant or synthetic sources.

As you can see, you may not be able to tell whether a product is halal or not just by looking at its ingredient list. As such, if you are ever unsure, do check with the manufacturer of the product in question before purchasing.

For the products in our catalogue, always feel free to email us at hebeloft@hebeloft.com if you have any concerns - we will be glad to field any questions you may have.

Our recommendations

Disclaimer: These products have yet to be Halal-certified, but we have done extensive research on their ingredients and manufacturing processes, so we can confidently say that they are Muslim-friendly. Of course, different mazhabs may have different opinions on this, so do check the ingredient list before purchasing and use at your own discretion. 

Our Bayeco range and Pretty Skin Aloe Vera range are completely vegan (ingredients like glycerin, allantoin and stearic acid are all derived or synthetically from plants). Some products do contain alcohol, but these alcohols do not cause intoxication (i.e. alcohol denat, cetyl alcohol).

The active ingredient in the Pretty Skin products, aloe vera, is good for soothing and cleansing sensitive skin. It also hydrates and balances the skin, boosting skin elasticity and the strength of the skin barrier. Thus, although the Pretty Skin range is suitable for all ages and skin types, but is most effective for people with dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin.


As for the Bayeco range, it features Kakadu Plum. Known as the world's richest source of Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum hydrates and brightens to restore your skin's youthful quality.

At Hebeloft, we carry some of the best-selling halal Korean skincare products. Find them on our store by clicking on the “Halal Friendly” button under the Skin Concern tab on our header.

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