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Top 20 Korean Beauty Products To Buy In 2020

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Skylake premium cooling shampoo

This shampoo contains Skylake’s patented herbal formulation that effectively stimulates hair growth, prevents hair breakage and thinning. Regardless of whether you are facing hair loss issues or just want to maintain your lovely locks, we highly recommend this product.


Skylake Herb Relax Toner

From the same brand, we have the Skylake Herb Relax Toner. It gently soothes, hydrates, tones and balances the skin’s oil level for a refreshing sensation. The herbal ingredients effectively calms irritated skin, reducing redness, harsh peels and rashes.



Arum ginseng scalp shampoo

The appearance of this product is what fascinates us most. The Arum ginseng scalp shampoo contains a full-sized piece of Ginseng root immersed in the shampoo itself. Infused with natural vitamins derived from the ginseng, this shampoo effectively strengthens hair, improve blood circulation, and stimulates hair growth.


Bergamo gold ampoule

Rated 5 stars on our online store, this product is highly effective in wrinkle care and skin lightening. It contains concentrated amounts of pure gold and tissue cultured ginseng extract, providing long lasting moisture and nutrition to the skin.


Boryeong mud treatment

Haircare is as important as your skincare routine. Nourish your hair with all-natural Boryeong mud from Korea with our Boryeong mud treatment. This product also repairs damaged hair, restoring the healthy glow in your hair.


Pretty Skin all in one snail sun primer

It’s not easy to find the perfect sunscreen especially when many tend to leave a white cast or are too oily. The Pretty Skin all in one snail sun primer gives you ample protection against ultraviolet rays with SPF 50 PA+++ and prepares your skin for optimal makeup application.


Bergamo studio 247 Baobab Aqua mask

2020 calls for more selfcare because you absolutely deserve it. Give your skin the best with Bergamo studio 247 Baobab Aqua mask. The Baobab extract moisturises your skin and creates a skin hydration protective shield.


Pretty Skin aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is like the magic product for any occasion. Put it on sun burns or that pesky cut you got from cooking, it really is a multi-purpose product.


 Soosul eye cream

Your eyes will reveal your age even if you don’t! Tackle fine lines with the Soosul eye cream which contains 10% Sanghwang mushroom extract for an excellent anti-ageing effect.


Soosul whitening sleeping pack

Also containing Sanghwang mushroom extract, the Soosul whitening sleeping pack helps to reduce melanin level in the skin and fight pigmentation. Let the product do its magic and wake up with soft, hydrated skin.


Derma Science milky collagen cleanser

The Derma Science milky collagen cleanser is a product that keeps on giving as it also soothes your skin and keeps it hydrated on top of providing collagen to enhance skin firmness.


Cana pearl collagen essence mask

Another sheet mask to the list – the Cana pearl collagen essence mask helps tighten, firm, moisturise the skin for a clear complexion. Its excellent skin adhesion ensures that nutrients are delivered effectively. 


Meditime Neo Melaban EX cream

If dark spots and freckles are bothering you, the Meditime Neo Melaban EX cream will be your hero in 2020. This product effectively targets blemishes and pigmentation, giving you a flawless complexion.


Derma Science C+ multi serum

Containing Glycolic acids and niacinamide, the Derma Science C+ helps to even out your skin tone, giving you a radiant, soft and supple glow.


Soosul whitening foam cleanser

The Soosul whitening foam cleanser contains Sanghwang mushroom extract, aloe vera and green tea to effectively cleanse your skin simultaneously delivering a brightening effect.


Pretty Skin aloe vera moisture foam cleanser

Leaving residues of makeup on your skin after a long day is nothing but a nightmare for your skin. The Pretty Skin aloe vera moisture foam cleanser is a low irritant cleanser effectively removes light makeup with no tight feeling after wash.



Pretty Skin collagen eye patch

The Pretty Skin collagen eye patch provides intensive moisturisation, boosts elasticity and improves blood circulation around the eyes. Great for a quick pick me up.


Skylake aqua series

Skylake, a pioneer brand at Hebeloft never fails to disappoint us. The Skylake aqua series is the perfect product that combines both natural ingredients and intensive moisturisation to defeat dry skin effectively.


Pretty Skin total solution 24K gold EGF and placenta hydrogel mask

The market is brimming with sheet masks but we promise we’re picking only the best. With snail and 24 gold essence, this mask helps to renew, provide deep moisture, firm and soothe the skin. Witness improved skin texture after one application.


Skylake herb hair tonic

End off your shower with the Skylake herb hair tonic. It nourishes and soothes sensitive scalp, simultaneously strengthening the hair and stimulating hair growth.


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