The Must-knows Before Embarking On Your Plastic Surgery Journey

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Get to know your doctor

Although Korea is renowned for plastic surgery, it is safest to do a check on your doctor before proceeding with any treatments. Knowing your doctor’s qualifications is a quick and reliable way to learn about your doctor. The level of experience also varies depending on when the doctor started performing surgeries and how often he performs them. Knowing your doctor provides greater reassurance of a successful surgery, allowing you to be at ease throughout the procedure.

What are the costs

Costs will be incurred at different points of your plastic surgery journey. Firstly, you may choose to consult a handful of clinics for a fee. This is a common practice for many medical tourists heading to Korea as it helps them to get a better understanding of the plastic surgery routine in Korea.

Following which would be the total cost of the surgery, medication and post-surgery treatment. Do also check with your clinic about the costs to treat possible post-surgery complications. Lastly, verify if you would still have to bear full cost in the event you cancel the surgery.

Choosing the right procedure

While plastic surgery is a possible option for facial and physical enhancements, Korea also offers non-surgical methods that can achieve your desired results. Choose a procedure that accommodates both your comfort level and desired outcome. You can also request before and after photographs of past patients for a clearer idea of the procedure results.

Risk levels and pain are also major deciding factors when it comes to choosing a procedure. Risks include in-surgery and post-surgery complications. Knowing the types and levels of risks allows you to gauge how much uncertainty you are putting yourself into, a crucial factor to consider when making your decision.  

Other issues to consider include surgery duration and the handling of surgical equipment. Due to hygiene concerns, it is best that all surgical equipment and instruments are sterilised and used only for your surgery. 

About your surgery records

Clinics have different ways of managing surgery records. As such information is highly confidential, it is important to check with your clinic whether they document your surgery, the medium that it is recorded in and if it will be shown to others. Do ensure that the clinic obtain your approval before any records are circulated.

If you are interested in keeping a copy of your records or may want to obtain them in the future, do check with the clinic if it is possible and how long the clinic will keep your records. Additionally, seek clarifications on where you can obtain your surgical records in the case that your original clinic or hospital stops operating.

How to prepare for the surgery

There needs to be mutual understanding between you and your doctor. Hence clear communication of your expectations and proper interpretation of the advice given by the doctor is crucial to avoid disappointment. Engaging a reliable translator is always advisable if you are not fluent in Korean. This is because your doctor may not be able to speak English well and a translator is needed to facilitate seamless communication. 

For those of you who are on medication, check with your doctor if you can continue taking the medication leading up to the surgery. Stocking up on supplies such as ice packs for your recovery is also a necessary step to ensure a smooth recovery. Small changes such as placing every day household at easy to reach areas help to minimise movement during your recovery period hence speeding up healing.

Korea generally has convenient stores and restaurants located within walking distance from popular hotels. Additionally, food delivery services are also widespread and popular hence you can get your meals and recovery essentials conveniently during your time in Korea. 


Your doctor will give you specific instructions to follow during your recovery period. As it might be too strenuous to travel immediately after surgery, many patients will choose to arrange for a short term stay in Korea. Do keep in mind that returning to your daily routine will be a gradual process so do put aside ample time for optimal recovery.

To round up...

We hope the information above has clarified your doubts on going for plastic surgery in Korea. Feel free to contact us for more information about our beauty concierge. We would love to help you make your plastic surgery journey a smooth and pleasant one.

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