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Time and again it has been proven that you are what you eat, and the healthier you eat, the healthier you’ll look. Many organic foods are rich in collagen, anti-oxidants, vitamins and beneficial minerals.

There are many things that are motivating an increasing number of customers to embrace organic foods in their daily diet. Consumers are cautious of the effects of residual chemicals in foods that are sprayed with pesticides, while others prefer organic foods and ingredients due to the documented negative environmental impacts of traditional farming practices.

We’re here to recommend some of the yummiest and beneficial drinks for a relaxing break, great skin and a healthy diet. Here’s what we suggest to start you on the journey to a healthy summer!


  • Daehan Tea Organic Brown rice with Green Tea

Unhwa Boseong Green Tea is organically grown in the steep hills around Boseong, famous for having the ideal climatic and soil conditions naturally harmonized by mountains, sea and lakes to produce the best quality teas in South Korea, The exceptionally smooth, light and refreshing flavor comes from using only 100% organic green tea leave in the early spring and processed using traditional methods by experts.


  • AG Low-Molecular Collagen

Collagen has been known to improve the health of your skin by reducing wrinkles and hydrating the pores. It may also help in preventing bone loss and relieve joint pain in some cases. Low-molecular fish collagen with good absorption ability and 200% increase in probiotic, collagen & vitamins to give you the best benefits for superior health and skin at once.


  • KDYALOE Organic Aloe Apple Real Gel

Organic Aloe Apple Real Gel captivates everybody’s appetite with the addition of organic apple concentrates maintaining the nutrients of organic Aloe Saponaria. It increases satiety and reduces calories. Now, you can solve your health and diet drinking aloe with convenience and tastiness.


Don’t forget water!

We usually forget water, which is one of the building blocks of all life on earth.  A vitally important drink, water is beneficial as it helps in supplying nutrients and removing waste in the body. It also maintains the blood circulation and temperature in your body.

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