My Skin Concerns Series #2: Managing Sensitive Skin

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In the second instalment of this series, we will be talking more about sensitive skin, and how to tackle the concern of sensitive skin. Many people have sensitive skin due to which they cannot use any product that is available in the market. They have to be extremely careful in terms of deciding the product they can easily apply on their skin. Their skin can easily get irritated after exposure to any harsh ingredient. Their skin is prone to the development of rashes, allergies and acne. Furthermore, if they wish to try out any new product then they should test a patch rather than applying the product all at once on their face and other parts of their body.

 There are various causes behind having a sensitive skin. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Dry skin results due to loss of water and oil that is present in your body. It can cause itchiness and your skin might peel off in winters. Therefore, it is advised that people who have dry skin should keep their skin moisturized in order to minimize the sensitivity.
  2. People who have sensitive skin can easily have an allergic reaction to any substance that they come in contact with. The first sign of an allergic contact dermatitis is redness, itchiness followed by swelling. In rare cases, it can also lead to the development of bumps that are filled with fluids. It is very easy for people with sensitive skin to have an allergic reaction after the use of new soaps, lotions, jewelry, cosmetics or fragrances.
  3. If your skin comes in contact with an irritant then it can also result in a red rash with swelling and the formation of blisters. It can also make the affected area tender and it often leads to swelling as well. Therefore, people who have a sensitive skin should be very careful when it comes to choosing the perfect product for themselves.

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