Inside Ulsan's Unforgettable Views And Sceneries

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Ulsan in South Korea

Not to be confused with Busan, Ulsan is yet another part of South Korea that deserves all the attention it can get for its natural landscape and scenic views are simply stunning. One tourist attraction that offers a spectacular view is the Taehwagang River. A popular destination at any time of the day, this river is surrounded by greenery and buildings that reflect beautifully against the sparkling waters. Along the shores is the Taehwagang Grand Park, one of the ecotourism sites in South Korea that is also equipped with a cycling track – if anyone is up for a ride along the park.

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For the best night view, Ulsandaegyo Bridge is the place to go. It is South Korea’s longest suspension bridge from which you can see the night sky illuminated by lights coming from industrial facilities and the bridge itself. While you try to capture every corner of Ulsan with your camera, don’t forget to take in the view with your eyes as well. It will be the experience of a lifetime sealed with unforgettable sights of Ulsan.

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Korean beauty and skincare from Ulsan

Ulsan is home to a superfood – Aloe Saponaria. Although it looks similar to the Aloe Vera we know, closer inspection will reveal that Aloe Saponaria has white specks on its leaves, a feature unique to this species only. Another property that sets it apart from Aloe Vera is that Aloe Saponaria can be consumed with the skin on. This is uncommon to Aloe Vera as usually, only the flesh is extracted for consumption.

A brand that harnesses the benefits of Aloe Saponaria is KDYAloe. KDYAloe manufactures Aloe Saponaria drinks from their very own Aloe Saponaria farm, bringing the goodness of Aloe Saponaria to consumers around Korea. Unlike usual skincare products, Aloe Saponaria drinks is a health supplement that beautifies from within. Regular consumption of this product helps to clear the skin, promote weight loss and boost immunity. While skincare products can improve your complexion, taking health supplements such as the Aloe Saponaria drinks can accelerate the recovery of your skin to achieve better complexion more effectively.

The KDYAloe Aloe Saponaria drinks come in 3 types: Original Aloe Saponaria, Saponaria Aronia and KDYAloe Organic Aloe Apple Real Gel. Aronia is also known as the King’s berry, a fruit that was consumed by royal families in the past. They contain 4 times the amount of antioxidants compared to blueberries and it also promotes collagen formation. As for the KDYAloe Organic Aloe Apple, the apple adds a hint of sweetness to Aloe Saponaria’s slightly sour taste, a combination popular amongst adults and children.

These health drinks are easy to incorporate in your everyday diet and are a must-try if you are looking for a simple way to improve your complexion and overall health.

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