How protein powder contributes to your healthy diet

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Protein powder has been increasing in popularity as it rides on the health and wellness trend that many have hoped on. But what exactly is protein powder? What are the benefits of protein powder? We will answer all these questions in this blogpost, so read on!


Protein powder is vernacularly known for muscle building. However, there are many types of protein powders out there! This includes Whey protein, Casein protein, Soy protein, Hemp protein, Rice protein and Pea protein, just to mention a few more popular ones.


Firstly, protein shakes can help to decrease hunger, and in turn reducing the food you consume. Protein shakes help to increase the appetite-reducing hormones and reduce hunger hormones! This will help you feel less hungry throughout the day. Protein also helps you feel full longer, so it reduces the amount of food you would consume as well. This stops people from overeating as well.


Next, protein shakes are likely to increase your metabolism. With the increase in protein intake, and the likelihood of increased fitness activities, metabolism may increase due to the fact that muscles usually burn more calories than fats.


Protein shakes may also help you lose weight and belly fats, which is also a plus. It has been proven in numerous studies that high-protein diets can help you lose more fat. As aforementioned, the benefits of protein shakes such as decrease hunger and increase in metabolism will translate to weight loss. The thing about losing weight is not just seeing the number on the scale go down, it is important that we manage to maintain the ideal weight that we managed to achieve. Protein shakes might be able to help you do just that! Research have shown that people with more protein intake maintained their weight better than those that had lower intake of protein.


One recent arrival to the Hebeloft office is Protein Korea’s diet shake. Protein Korea is a protein powder brand in Korea that specializes in sports nutrition and diet food, providing high quality and satisfactory change of lifestyle. The new diet shake is conveniently packed in singular packets, and comes in 4 different delicious flavors (grain cocoa, soymilk grain, green tea latte and mild coffee).


Protein Korea’s soy protein is an excellent alternative for people who do not consume dairy and contains all the essential amino acids. For vegetarians or non-meat eaters, soy protein is a great alternative for protein intake as protein is an important source of nutrient. Soy protein also contains little fats and zero cholesterol. In addition, soy protein also has positive effects for heart health.


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