Hebeloft Christmas Gift Guide 2019

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Christmas is around the corner and we hope you’ve started on your Christmas shopping! If you’re in the midst of a Christmas shopping crisis, reading on might give you the solution you need. Here’s our thoughtfully curated gift guide to gear you up for the season of gifting.


For mom:  Bergamo 24K Gold Brilliant Essence

Being a mom is a full-time job and it can be hard at times to balance both work and skincare. Nonetheless, every mother wishes to preserve their youthful glow and that’s why Bergamo 24K Gold Brilliant Essence is the perfect gift for mom this holiday season.

This product contains pure gold extracts and ginseng callus culture extract, ingredients that have amazing anti-ageing properties. If your mom has been complaining about wrinkles or signs of ageing that are slowly creeping in, she’ll love this Christmas gift for sure.

For dad: Boryeong mud skincare set for men

 It can be hard to shop for guys sometimes but let’s not forget that they need to pamper their skin too. For dad, we have the Boryeong mud skincare set for men that comes with a cleansing foam and an all in one essence to give the skin a good detox and keep it moisturized.

This skincare set is great for all men who are looking to up their skincare game and achieve a clearer complexion. It also comes nicely packaged in a sleek black box – meaning, you don’t have to wrap it!


For friends: Bergamo Studio 247 masks

A trip to the spa sounds great but it’s definitely a gift that’s on the pricier side especially if you have many friends to gift this season. Give your friends the gift that’ll remind them to take a break – the Bergamo Studio 247 masks. It is great for those self-care days when your friends want to give their skin a treat at home.

These masks are available in acai berry, aloe vera, manuka honey and more. Have many friends to shop for this holiday? Get these masks in convenient boxes of 10 to make your Christmas shopping easier.


For work colleagues: NUTSCOCO and Haenam sweet potato sticks

NUTSCOCO and Haenam sweet potato sticks make great office snacks not to mention they’re also healthier options, suitable for the colleagues who want to keep their weight in check but don’t want to give up snacking.

Sweet potatoes are high in fibre and very filling. Their natural sweetness is loved by anyone with a sweet tooth and make a great snack on the go.


NUTSCOCO comes in 100g resealable packets or single-serving packets that come in a box of 10 for easy sharing. With these gifts, you’ll be a lifesaver in the office whenever a colleague is craving for some snacks.


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