Health & Beauty Series: Top 5 Korean Ampoules for Skin

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Why ampoules?

Applying an ampoule is an essential step in the K-beauty skincare routine. The skin boosters are similar to serums but contain a higher concentration of active ingredients so they work faster to soothe dry skin, banish breakouts, and make dull skin glow. Here are our recommended top 5 Korean ampoules:

1. Bergamo Premium Gold Ampoule

This ampoule serum contains pure gold and Tissue Cultured Ginseng Adventitious Roots extract, making it highly effective in reducing wrinkles and brightening skin. The myriads of vitamins also help to improve skin elasticity and inhibit oxidation which influences skin aging. This product is certified by KDFA as an anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

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2. Pretty Skin 72% Azulene Complex Ampoule

This effective azulene ampoule is suitable for all skin types especially dry, oily and sensitive skin. The azulene is extracted from chrysanthemum, one of the greatest ingredients to soothe and protect skin damage caused by external stimulation. It serves to improve skin troubles such as, pores allergies, eczema, dryness and redness. 

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3. Skylake Tea Tree Oil Ampoule

Wtih organic tea tree essential oil and oriental herbal extracts, this ampoule is able to penetrate deeply to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Its natural antiseptic action and anti-inflammatory abilities serve effectively as a remedy for acne and troubled skin. 

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4. Pretty Skin 72% Hyaluronic Ampoule

Containing high concentration of hyaluronic acid, this ampoule acts as a powerful moisturiser that can strengthen our moisture barrier, bringing out the skin’s natural radiance and moisture. The acid penetrates deep into the skin dermis layer, resulting in a firmer and more resilient skin. The skin's moisture balance is also gradually adjuted to optimum, forming a protective hydration film.

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5. Aura Firming Ampoule

The Aura Firming Ampoule intensively cares for fine lines and deep wrinkles. It is enriched with adenosine to diminish wrinkle, niacinamide for brightening, 14 different plant-based extracts and collagen to firm skin and hydrogenated lecithin for skin restoring. Coupled with the Aura Face Mask, it enhances the potential of the ampoule.

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